Advanced Digital Asset Routing

Simplify recurring payments

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How it Works

ADAR is an Advanced Digital Asset Routing solution for businesses to seamlessly transmit digital assets to payees around the world, in multiple currencies, at a fraction of today’s prevailing transaction costs, without excessive paperwork and settlement times.

Create Wallet

Get started by creating your wallet on Adar

Build Address Book

Build and manage a repository of the recipient to whom you want to route assets

Create Templates

Build a template for repeat payments to be made to multiple recipients

Process Templates

Fund your wallet to route multiple assets to multiple recipients at a click of a button

Routing History

Download routing history for accounting purposes

Advanced Digital Asset Routing

ADAR saves business owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) time and money by making it easy and cost effective to pay large numbers of global suppliers and employees on a recurring basis

ADAR desktop app


ADAR charges a small transaction fee for its advance asset routing services

ADAR mobile app

More about ADAR

Single currency input, multiple currency output.

Negligible transaction costs, instant settlement, tamper and counterfeit resistance.

Built on the SORA Network; a network in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Fully-compliant with local and international financial regulations, i.e. AML/CFT.

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