Pay employees anywhere, instantly

Helping you traverse the multinational world

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ADAR desktop and mobile apps


Pay employees globally, in a flash, at low cost, in any currency, with complete confidence.

Drastically shorten payment timeframes

From weeks to minutes

User-friendly integrated one-click service

Including FX, payments, and savings

Reduced capital requirements

No more issues with blocked or lost transactions

No middlemen

You are in full control of your funds

Complete transparency

Transactions and data on an immutable ledger

Powerful automation tools

Enabling novel payment and revenue models

Advanced reports and payroll

With ADAR, paying employees and expenses in a global small business, can be just as fast and easy as for large multinational corporations

ADAR desktop app


Our Free app will be free, always. Pay salaries and expenses. Exchange currencies, buy tokens, invest, and more! Our Business and Enterprise offerings have a set of remarkable and advanced features to manage payroll, create reports, and help your SME truly traverse the multinational world in style, while also saving on costs.

ADAR mobile app

That’s a brilliant idea you’ve got. We can help you realize it faster and cheaper!

Got a big idea? Turn it into reality — with a fast, simple way of managing payments and expenses, globally, in any currency!

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